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Sunday, 24 October 2021
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 Ask Bob Rankin
   28/04/2017 Have You Tried VLC Media Player?
   27/04/2017 Geekly Update - 27 April 2017
   26/04/2017 [SHOCKING] Protect Your Stuff Against Static Discharge
   25/04/2017 [ROOTS] Genealogy Research Online
   24/04/2017 Was Your Email Account Hijacked?
   21/04/2017 The Best Mobile Network For You?
   20/04/2017 [PRIVACY] Is Google Spying On Students?
   19/04/2017 Geekly Update - 19 April 2017
   18/04/2017 [HOWTO] Secure Your Laptop
   17/04/2017 Beware the Driver Update Scam
   14/04/2017 [SELL IT!] Tips for Ebay Sellers
   13/04/2017 [HOWTO] Speed Up Your Web Browser!
   12/04/2017 Geekly Update - 12 April 2017
   11/04/2017 Alternatives to Amazon Shopping
   10/04/2017 Try One of These WiFi Extenders
   07/04/2017 What Data Does Windows 10 Collect From You?
   06/04/2017 [ALERT] USB Malware and The Kill Stick
   05/04/2017 Geekly Update - 05 April 2017
   04/04/2017 [COMING SOON] Windows 10 Updates You May Actually Like
   03/04/2017 Scams, Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Their Busters
   31/03/2017 Is Online Privacy History?
   30/03/2017 [SHOCKER] Internet Security is Getting Worse
   29/03/2017 Geekly Update - 29 March 2017
   28/03/2017 [WARNING] Five WiFi Security Mistakes
   27/03/2017 [SOLVED] The Out of Memory Error
   24/03/2017 Zillow, Schmillow - Free Online Home Appraisals
   23/03/2017 [SCAM] Gadget Insurance and Extended Warranties
   22/03/2017 Geekly Update - 22 March 2017
   21/03/2017 Are Password Rules Making Us LESS Secure?
   20/03/2017 [HOWTO] Copy Old Hard Drive to New PC
 Ask Leo!
   28/04/2017 Are There Hidden Files that Save Every Keystroke Ive Ever Typed?
   27/04/2017 How Does Secure Delete Work?
   26/04/2017 Is It Time to Start Using an Adblocker?
   21/04/2017 Sometimes the Threat Is in the Hardware
   20/04/2017 How Do I Protect Myself from Other Computers on My Local Network?
   19/04/2017 What VPN Should I Use?
   15/04/2017 12 Steps To Keep from Getting Your Account Hacked
   14/04/2017 How Does a VPN Protect Me?
   13/04/2017 Whats the Difference Between Spam and Junk Mail?
   12/04/2017 Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Now, If You Like
 Cyber Tech Help Latest Tutorials
   28/11/2005 How To Send Bulk Emails using Outlook Express
   08/10/2005 How to clear your AutoComplete History
   05/10/2005 Device Manager Basics
   22/09/2005 How to delete files and folders
   22/09/2005 How to create folders
   15/09/2005 Types of PC keyboards
   14/09/2005 How to install fonts
   14/09/2005 How to prevent Messenger popups
   14/09/2005 A brief history of Malware Detection
   13/09/2005 How to copy a floppy diskette
   13/09/2005 Using Shortcuts
   12/09/2005 How to format a floppy diskette
   12/09/2005 Regfix for Windows XP Num Lock Issue
   11/09/2005 How to safely uninstall a Windows Program
   11/09/2005 How to boot into Safe Mode
   11/09/2005 How to delete Temp Files Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
   10/09/2005 How to prepare a Hijack This log
   09/09/2005 Getting started with Creating RSS Feeds
   09/09/2005 How to change your Internet Explorer window title
   07/09/2005 How to show Hidden Files
 PCWorld How-To
   28/04/2017 How to use MAME emulator to cure computer game nostalgia
   28/04/2017 How to master your music metadata (Part 1)
   27/04/2017 When to defrag a hard drive, TRIM an SSD and perform other storage tasks, or not
   27/04/2017 How to find the Windows 10 Creators Update's hidden desktop themes
   26/04/2017 How Excel can help with metric and American Standard conversions
   26/04/2017 How to save your parking spot in Google Maps
   26/04/2017 How to stop websites from asking for your location in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari
   25/04/2017 Word newsletter tutorial: Using page layout features for professional results
   25/04/2017 Set your power button to turn off all your PC's displays in the Creators Update
   24/04/2017 Windows 10 Privacy: How to disable the Location features
   24/04/2017 How to minimize the risks of phishing scams
   21/04/2017 How to create a single-column Start menu in the Windows 10 Creators Update
   21/04/2017 Use PowerPoint Photo Album to chronicle corporate or personal events
   18/04/2017 How to use Snapchats new augmented reality 3D world lenses
   18/04/2017 How to defer future updates in the Windows 10 Creators Update
   18/04/2017 How to enable Windows Sonic virtual surround sound in the Windows 10 Creators Update
   18/04/2017 How to use Night Light in the Windows 10 Creators Update
   17/04/2017 How to overclock your PC's CPU
   17/04/2017 Windows 10 Privacy in the Creators Update
   14/04/2017 How to use Start menu folders in the Creators Update
   13/04/2017 How to free up storage space automatically with Storage Sense in the Creators Update
   13/04/2017 4 easy ways to keep your iCloud password safe
   13/04/2017 How to watch Netflix offline on your PC
   12/04/2017 How to prevent installation of apps from outside the Windows Store
   12/04/2017 How to limit Xbox One screen time for your kids
   12/04/2017 Tips and tricks to master Gboard, Google's super smart Android keyboard
   11/04/2017 How to ensure your internet connection and home network are primed for cord cutting
 RenĂ© Nyffenegger on Oracle
   14/11/2009 On DAO and ODBC with Oracle
   08/10/2009 On XML Queries
   29/09/2009 On summing up values in nodes of a hierarchical query
   15/03/2008 On including files in SQL*Plus
   11/03/2008 On setting commit_write
   17/01/2008 On forcing a nested loop join instead of a hash join"
   29/07/2007 Jobs at ADP
   22/04/2007 Emulating tables with PL/SQL (Part III)
   14/04/2007 sprintf and printf in PL/SQL
   01/02/2007 On importing data from Oracle into Excel with CopyFromRecordset
   24/01/2007 On importing data from Oracle into Excel with a Visual Basic for Application macro
   31/12/2006 On finding changed values in a table with flashback
   09/12/2006 On parametrizing views with contexts
   30/11/2006 On creating an AJAX Application with Oracle
   29/11/2006 Beware of NOT IN and NULLS
   20/08/2006 On splitting a string into words with regular expressions
   19/08/2006 On generating HTML output with SQL*Plus
   13/08/2006 On out parameters
   04/06/2006 Comments, finally!
   22/05/2006 On travelling back in time with Oracle's Workspace Manager
   09/05/2006 On solving workspace conflicts
   07/05/2006 On creating workspaces and merging/refreshing data with Oracle's Workspace Manager
   24/03/2006 On emulating tables with PL/SQL (Part II)
   05/02/2006 On reading trace files with PL/SQL
   24/01/2006 On a breakable Oracle
   08/01/2006 On emulating tables with nested tables
   28/12/2005 On the lazy evaluation of decode and the eager evaluation of nvl
   26/12/2005 On comparing mulitple SQL statements' statistics
   22/12/2005 On making Oracle's regular expressions a bit easier to use
   19/12/2005 On triggers, sequences, autonumbers and failing inserts
   11/12/2005 On a table's first five rows
   28/11/2005 On identifiying "periods of activity"
   22/11/2005 On creating bitmaps with pure PL/SQL
   20/11/2005 On reading blobs from and writing blobs to a file
   16/11/2005 On mixing outer joins with inner joins
   12/11/2005 On improving a better describe
   04/11/2005 On eliminating outliers in avg() queries
   27/10/2005 On using triggers to keep summary data in the nodes of hierachical data in sync
   17/10/2005 On storing hierachical data
   03/10/2005 On generating ERDs with desc_table and neato
   25/09/2005 On a better describe
   26/09/2005 On the missing product() aggregate function
   19/09/2005 On using dbms_utility.name_resolve
   06/09/2005 On solving a sudoku with Oracle
   03/09/2005 On a member function calling a member procedure
   27/08/2005 On an integer not always being an integer
   22/08/2005 On max and group by
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