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Saturday, 16 January 2021
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 Donna's SecurityFlash
   08/02/2012 Announcement: In memory of Donna Buenaventura
   02/11/2011 When will software developers stop offering unnecessary software on software updates?
   27/10/2011 Think you know your stuff? Try a quiz!
   22/10/2011 Malware Spam: Uniform Traffic Ticket. Aargh.. A bit old spam but not many AV will detect the malware.
   06/10/2011 Windows 8 and Windows XP
   06/10/2011 Goodbye Mr. Steve Jobs
   07/09/2011 Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast for now
   31/03/2011 I dont like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security
   26/03/2011 Looks like Avast Licensing Server Has Problem (Updated)
   24/03/2011 I know
 Sophos Security News
   01/04/2013 Sophos Security Experts To Present at SOURCE and ThotCon
   21/03/2013 $name
   14/02/2013 Sophos to Showcase Mobile Device Management Solutions at Mobile World Congress
   17/12/2012 Sophos Makes Significant Strides with Mobile Device Management in 2012
   17/12/2012 TSG to Roll Out Sophos UTM to Entire Customer Base
   03/12/2012 Sophos Selected as Finalist in Five 2013 SC Magazine Awards Categories
   30/10/2012 $name
 The Register - Security
   28/04/2017 NSA pulls plug on some email spying before Congress slaps it down
   28/04/2017 Linux Mint-using terror nerd awaits sentence for training Islamic State
   28/04/2017 Sneaky 'fileless' malware flung at Israeli targets via booby-trapped Word docs
   28/04/2017 Last year's ICO fines would be 79 times higher under GDPR
   28/04/2017 Kali Linux can now use cloud GPUs for password-cracking
   27/04/2017 Republicans want IT bloke to take fall for Clinton email brouhaha
   27/04/2017 Facebook decides fake news isn't crazy after all. It's now a real problem
   27/04/2017 Mysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT devices
   27/04/2017 Super-secure Pi-stuffed nomx email server box given a good probing
   27/04/2017 Seven in ten UK unis admit being duped by phishing attacks
   27/04/2017 FTC urged to probe easily penetrated telly-enabled teledildonic toy
   27/04/2017 Ransomware up. Breaches up. What do hackers want? Research, prototypes... all your secrets
   27/04/2017 Peace in our time! Symantec says it can end Google cert spat
   27/04/2017 TalkTalk HackHack DuoDuo PleadPlead GuiltyGuiltyGuiltyGuilty
   27/04/2017 Unplug the Bitcoin miner and do us all a favour: Antminer has remote shutdown flaw
   27/04/2017 Homebrew crypto SNAFU on electrical grid sees GE rush patches
   27/04/2017 Australia' Smart meter leaders lag in securing devices
   26/04/2017 Chipotle may have banished E coli, but now it has a new infection
   26/04/2017 Linux kernel security gurus Grsecurity oust freeloaders from castle
   26/04/2017 Beware of geeks bearing gifts: Evil game guides infect 2 million Androids
   26/04/2017 Interpol unplugs nearly 9,000 Asian command and control networks
   26/04/2017 Samsung Smart TV pwnable over Wi-Fi Direct, pentester says
   25/04/2017 Hyundai app security blunder allowed crooks to 'steal victims' cars'
   25/04/2017 Expedia IT bod gets all-expenses-paid trip to prison after hacking execs' emails for profit
   25/04/2017 After blitzing FlexiSpy, hackers declare war on all stalkerware makers: 'We're coming for you'
   25/04/2017 Brit behind Titanium Stresser DDoS malware sent to chokey
   25/04/2017 Hackers uncork experimental Linux-targeting malware
   25/04/2017 Kremlin-backed DNC hackers going after French presidential hopeful Macron
   25/04/2017 Ex-NSA techies launch data governance tool for future algorithm-slavery
   25/04/2017 Car hacking's dynamic duo offers to save others $1m in research
   25/04/2017 HipChat SlipChat lets hackers RipChat
   25/04/2017 Webroot antivirus goes bananas, starts trashing Windows system files
   24/04/2017 Northrop Grumman can make a stealth bomber but can't protect its workers' W-2 tax forms
   24/04/2017 Alert: If you're running SquirrelMail, Sendmail... why? And oh yeah, remote code vuln found
   24/04/2017 We're 'heartbroken' we got caught selling your email records to Uber, says boss
   24/04/2017 eBay denies claims it's failing to thwart 'systematic fraud'
   24/04/2017 Russian hacker arrested in Spain for bot-herding not election-fiddling
   24/04/2017 Teen charged with 'cyberstalking' in bomb hoax case
   21/04/2017 China 'hacked' South Korea to wreck Star Wars missile shield
   21/04/2017 Doctor Who-inspired proxy transmogrifies politically sensitive web to avoid gov censorship
   21/04/2017 LinkedIn U-turns on Bluetooth-enabled 'Tinder for marketers'
   21/04/2017 Peer pressure, not money, lures youngsters into cybercrime report
   21/04/2017 Script kiddies pwn 1000s of Windows boxes using leaked NSA hack tools
   20/04/2017 Nuh-uh, Google, you WILL hand over emails stored on foreign servers, says US judge
   20/04/2017 'We should have done better' the feeble words of a CEO caught using real hospital IT in infosec product demos
   20/04/2017 Trump's self-imposed cybersecurity deadline is up: What we got?
   20/04/2017 Online ad scam launders legions of pirates and pervs into 'legit' surfing
   20/04/2017 Mastercard launches card that replaces PIN with fingerprint sensor
   20/04/2017 Flaws found in Linksys routers that could be used to create a botnet
   20/04/2017 Microsoft shrugs off report that Edge can expose user identities from JS Fetch requests
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