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Monday, 06 December 2021
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 Free Weekly Search Engine Optimization SEO News
   25/04/2017 How to check your web pages for duplicate content (and improve your rankings at the same time)
   18/04/2017 How the loading time of your web pages affects your search engine rankings (and your bottom line)
   11/04/2017 New in SEOprofiler: how does your website look on different devices?
   04/04/2017 How to use the new Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler
   28/03/2017 How to use structured data and other technologies to improve the display of your web pages in the search results
   21/03/2017 Google prefers HTTPS sites - Are your site security settings correct?
   14/03/2017 How does a mobile crawl of your website look like?
   07/03/2017 The great ranking mystery: why your pages donât rank although everything seems to be okay
   28/02/2017 New in SEOprofiler: the very best SEO website audit tool that you can get
   21/02/2017 How to get on Google's first page by following four rules
   14/02/2017 These five things are the key to high rankings on Google
   07/02/2017 Eight things you can do to avoid website vandalism
   31/01/2017 Fewer visitors, more sales. Here's how to do it
   24/01/2017 Google: how to optimize the crawl budget of your website
   17/01/2017 New Google patent: how search engines see entities and what you have to do about it
   10/01/2017 Why spending less on paid search marketing can lead to a better website experience
   03/01/2017 Are you ready? 2017 is going to be the year of mobile (with instructions for you)
   27/12/2016 Happy Holidays!
   20/12/2016 2016 year in review, and what's planned for 2017
   13/12/2016 How SEO and SEM will help your business
   06/12/2016 How to work with multi-regional and multilingual sites
   29/11/2016 How your website design influences the rankings of your web pages on Google
   22/11/2016 What is an outbound link penalty and how can you avoid it?
   15/11/2016 Eight things you need to know about Google's 'mobile first' indexing
   08/11/2016 Google begins 'mobile first' indexing - what should you do now?
   01/11/2016 Have your micro-moment: optimize for user intent
   25/10/2016 Four things you can do to get banned on Google
   18/10/2016 Insider talk: more about Google's new Penguin algorithm
   11/10/2016 How to avoid problems with duplicate content
   04/10/2016 All you need to know about Google's Penguin 4 algorithm update
   27/09/2016 WDF? How to find the most relevant keywords on a page.
   20/09/2016 Can your customers find your website if they search on mobile phones?
   13/09/2016 New in SEOprofiler: more than 800 good links for your site (free tool)
   06/09/2016 Find the links that matter: the Top 5 Link Finder tool
   30/08/2016 How to survive website downtimes
   23/08/2016 New in SEOprofiler: the Uptime Monitor
   16/08/2016 How to find the top ranked pages of your site (and how they influence your website success)
   09/08/2016 Official Google information: how to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS
   02/08/2016 Little work, big results: how to increase your business sales with the new Ranking Monitor
   26/07/2016 How to optimize your web pages for high rankings in Google's mobile search results
   19/07/2016 Free as in beer: manage your links with the improved Link Manager tool
   12/07/2016 New in SEOprofiler: the improved Starter Backlinks tool with 680 great link opportunities
   05/07/2016 Why mobile rankings matter (and what you should do to benefit from mobile rankings)
   28/06/2016 New in SEOprofiler: the much improved new Ranking Monitor (youâll love it!)
   21/06/2016 SEO: when cheap is not so cheap (and even risky)
   14/06/2016 First things first: get the SEO basics right
   07/06/2016 How to find the right keywords for search engine optimization
   31/05/2016 How to deal with yet another Google algorithm change
   24/05/2016 Introducing the new rich snippet and rich cards creator
   17/05/2016 Google: mobile-friendly algorithm boost has rolled out
   10/05/2016 How to use backlink analysis to improve your Google rankings
   03/05/2016 Official: how to rank in Google's local search results
   26/04/2016 Coming soon: the brand new Ranking Monitor with exciting new features
   19/04/2016 Google penalizes websites for unnatural links to other sites
   12/04/2016 Official: how Google handles redirects
   05/04/2016 Official: links are an important factor in Google's ranking algorithm
   29/03/2016 FIGHT! How to use SEO to get the deal.
   22/03/2016 How to make your website more trustworthy
   15/03/2016 Google's John Mueller: how Google indexes JavaScript sites
   08/03/2016 How second-tier authority links can improve your Google rankings
   01/03/2016 Google: AMP websites are now live â do you have to react?
   23/02/2016 New tool: link prospects and business leads for your business
   16/02/2016 Four steps to succeed with your website promotion campaigns
   09/02/2016 Google: how to move from HTTP to HTTPS
   02/02/2016 Google: it's better if your web pages have valid HTML
   26/01/2016 How to help Googlebot to index your web pages in three steps
   19/01/2016 Google has updated the ranking algorithm: all you need to know
   12/01/2016 Get ready for 2016: how to check your web pages
   05/01/2016 Are the tweets about your company positive, negative, or neutral?
 GoogleGuy Says - Google Ranking Info
   30/04/2017 GoogleGuy's Secret Identity Revealed
   30/04/2017 Google's Secret Lab
   30/04/2017 Google Do's and Don'ts
   30/04/2017 Google Update Bourbon Not Over Yet
   30/04/2017 Google Bans Itself for Cloaking
   30/04/2017 Remove Keywords, Increase Impressions: AdWords
   30/04/2017 Google Bans Traffic Power and its Clients
   30/04/2017 AdWords Selling PageRank Not Allowed?
   30/04/2017 AdWords Selling PageRank are Allowed
   30/04/2017 Not at SES or PubCon
   30/04/2017 GoogleGuy Goes Quiet
   30/04/2017 Problems for a new AdWords User
   30/04/2017 PageRank For Sale
   30/04/2017 What is Wrong with AdWords?
   30/04/2017 Google Banner AdWords
   30/04/2017 Rank Checker Update
   30/04/2017 DMOZ Shut Down
   30/04/2017 New gTLDs are Like Used Cars
   30/04/2017 Disappearing Clicks
   30/04/2017 Google & Facebook Squeezing Out Partners
   30/04/2017 Penguin 4.0 Update
   30/04/2017 Free Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool Alternative
   30/04/2017 How I Learned to Start Loving Social Media's Darkside
   30/04/2017 Facebook's Panda Update
   30/04/2017 Brands Beat Generics
   30/04/2017 Neofeudal Web Publishing Best Practices Guide
   30/04/2017 Reinventing SEO
   30/04/2017 Google Rethinking Payday Loans & Doorway Pages?
   30/04/2017 The (Hollow) Soul of Technology
   30/04/2017 Time to Retire From SEO
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