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1  Internet & Network Support / Networking Problems / Copying files for LAN Party on: August 11, 2006, 10:47:09 PM
We are having a LAN Party tonight and everytime we have one we run into the same problem, trying to copy files over the network. Typically we have one person sharing and a few copying, thus creating a bottleneck. Then those who finally get the file after an hour of copying start to share it themselves for the others who have yet to get the copy. And then another hour goes by.

Is there any better method of going about this, and if so how would we go about it? One thing I was thinking is copying the file to everyone at on time by multicasting it but I have very little experience with that and have never heard of multicast programs made for just single files or directories. They all seem to be for imaging programs. Are there any easy to use Windows multicast programs other there that would help us fix this problem?

Does anyone have any ideas as to how we can do things more efficiently whether its multicasting or anything else? And if you do have an idea, how should we do it?

2  Internet & Network Support / Networking Problems / Active Directory user account issues on replication in Windows 2000 Server on: July 28, 2006, 02:24:38 AM
Active Directory user account issues on replication in Windows 2000 Server

I have two domain controllers replicating to each other. SRV-1 is my main domain controller while SRV-11 is my additional controller. When I create a user account on SRV-1 named "bsmith" is pops up on SRV-11 but the little face icon next to the name has a red/white "X" symbol on it. It appears to be disabled. However, the same account on SRV-1 where I originally created the account doesn't have the symbol. Vice versa happens when I create an account on SRV-11.

When I right-click on the account with the "X" icon I have an option labeled "disable account", but it appears to already be disabled from the way the icon looks. So I click on "disable account" option anyway and the icon stays the same. Next, I right-click again and this time I have the "enable account" option. When I click "enable account" the "X" disappears and the account appears to go back to normal.

Why is this happening? How come the account is getting disabled on the other server? Shouldn't it be enabled on all servers after creation? Also, why is it that I don't get the "enable account" option right off the bat when I right-click, instead of first having to click "disable account" in order to get the "enable account" option?

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