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1  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Re: Power or V card problem ?!?! on: April 20, 2003, 09:20:38 PM
Dont ask me what as wrong, i dont think i could tell you other than a slightly loose connection.

I bought a new PS and was installing it, but, it was the wrong plugs on it so i had to return it.
I then hooked everything back up to the old PS and it has worked fine since.

Would a conflict on the IDE line do something like that?
Because for some reason my HD and cdrom were both on the primary ide chan.  so i split them up and only the hd is on the primary now.
2  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Re: Humming from speakers on: April 14, 2003, 04:16:42 AM
silly question but have you also tried differnt cables to connect to the speakers?
Granted i have a soundblaster card but i also had a "humming" problem as well.
not sure what kind of software assistance you have with the onboard sound , but the problem is there somewhere.
the soundcard is sending too high of a signal to your speakers which creates the ambient noise, then your speakers amplify this.

of course if u have access to another comp i would try the speakers on it, and if u have access i would try a pci soundcard.

I know this is getting long winded but 1 more thing...
Is this a newer comp or older one?  If it is newer (ie. 1 ghz or more) i would suggest spending the $40 for a pci soundcard regardless.  the sound is so much better.
Onboard sound and video just dont cut it now a days Sad
3  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Re: Power or V card problem ?!?! on: April 13, 2003, 02:59:07 AM
I keep getting windows protection errors on boot up now.
I think somehow my HD is in compressed mode and when i try to reinstall windows it says it cant because the largest available program size is too small.

any idea on that one?

Also, i have tried using a different hard drive with a configuration i know works and gotten no different results.
4  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Re: Power or V card problem ?!?! on: April 12, 2003, 09:18:35 PM
alas i fear that is not the problem.
all fans are working properly and the cpu and heatsink are clean and connected properly.
it just happened again, i was playing a game and all of a sudden it just started rebooting , i got a few diferent errors when i continued trying to reboot.
some were.... cannot find HIGHMEM.SYS or whatever that windows file is.
I also got other various files not being able to be found, and sometimes it would post to windows only to get the "frequency out of range" error with my display/video card.

this is why i figured perhaps the power supply is going bad and when used too much it cant keep up or something, or perhaps it is the Motherboard even.
I guess ill just go buy a cheap PS and/or V card that are returnable and try it that way.

I appreciate teh help. if/when i find out what it is i will post it here Smiley
5  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Power or V card problem ?!?! on: April 12, 2003, 03:46:54 PM
Operating System Version: win 98
Problem Application Name & Version:
Problem Hardware Make & Model: PII 350 gateway comp
Error Messages:

Ok this one has me puzzled....
If I leave the computer off for a while it boots up fine and works fine.
the only thing is after a few hours of use it locks up and shuts down.
I get many different errors and sometimes it just reboots and goes to post.
I get Windows errors and many Frequency display errors before and after shutdown.
after this it will not complete the POST at all, i must leave it turned off for about 6 hours before it will work again.
I have re-installed windows several times, reseated all cards and tried a new/different RAM dimm.

To this date i have not yet tried a new power supply or video card.
I thought i would post here for some suggestions before i did any of that.
Yes it is a rather old system so i am leaning toward the power supply, but could an overheating/failing video card do this as well?

btw, it is a stb velocity 128 video card
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