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1  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / Re: Is Their any possibilityy of changing php.ini using php script on: December 16, 2006, 03:17:37 AM
Dear Andy.
That Description deals with the entry lavel php notes. I want to change php.ini
Using a script Based on php on my own server just to increase security.
Kindly suggest if you experienced same problam or gone through same concept.
Alok Tiwari
2  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / Re: Any Idea abt using .htaccess in IIS on: December 05, 2006, 07:14:09 AM
When I was Administrator in my local LAN
I used to modify the Server Settings through use of registry and Batch Files.
I will modify the server setting but is their any registry Any Geek Had made up
or Any batch file
Alok Tiwari
3  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / Is Their any possibilityy of changing php.ini using php script on: December 05, 2006, 06:55:06 AM
Hi all
I want to change php.ini Directly From My Server root
I have a IIS Server and want to use some features without the intrruption of
System Admin process just to keep security higher.
Had any body available tryed her to modify php.ini from a remote Script.
I have the Webmaster rights to upload the contents to the server.
and I want to modify My own Server's Conf File
Not Intrested to Disturb any other body.
Help if any body can
Alok Tiwari
4  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / Any Idea abt using .htaccess in IIS on: December 05, 2006, 06:49:38 AM
Hello All
Have any body an Idea of using .htaccess in IIS without the use of System Admin. Means I Don't have control on the machine. My IIS Server is kept out side my country. Only thing I want to do is to enable .htaccess in IIS.

Is it Possible.
Although I had Tryed from Microsoft
Read This Link;EN-US;q324064&
But They are Using Some Clicky Steps That I can't do.
Any Script is Their. if any let me know

Alok Tiwari
5  Computer Related Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What's Your Opinion Regarding Adsense Program on: November 09, 2006, 01:49:14 PM
Dear All
I don't suggest this program to any body. Because of some reasons I felt after participating in this program.Although the program is quite good and well designed but Lack of some somthing.

Why Exactly I am Totaly Not Advicing this is as below

no proper customer care program from the industry gaint.
No body will answer when you kicked out.
The Program is not clear that How much one earn
Program Do not show any thing that how much part of revenue you will share.
No Tex Defination is Clearyfied on the Official Website from the industry Gaint.

My Experience
Some Person From jaipur (Note I live in Ajmer 150 KM from Jaipur) Hits approximatly 117 times on Ad on the Single Day.Although According to My Weblog I Identified the IP.
(I had Report it to google Adsense )
In Midnight The Working was going perfect but arround 10 in Morning All the ad was stoped. I got a mail from google Adsense That your account was stoped.They give me a form (E Based) to appeal.
I was shocked that Sience I don't know what was happened.

I Checked the log and Trace it from Google Analytics program (as well as)
I found Some Person from Jaipur clicked 117 Times the Ad. I report Google Adsense Team. But They thinked that this is violation of terms and conditions. And Stoped me forever from participating in the program.
 You May get why I am unable to suggest to any body.
Alok Tiwari

6  Internet & Network Support / Internet & Email / Re: Is there any way to kick Spammers on: October 28, 2006, 05:47:20 PM
I got The Answer from one of My Friends I Would Like To Post Here for others
Visit This Link

Alok Tiwari
7  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / Re: How to increase the Traffic toward own site on: October 28, 2006, 02:40:24 PM
Hello GG
For Your Quick Responce.Yes I Had seen the First link and Yes it is good although I had Tested Thease Things But Not Grew any Traffic Ranking.
Their are free ways available to boost the traffic.
if you know any of them if would be helpfull for me. And Many other small Business owners.
Alok Tiwari

8  Internet & Network Support / Webmasters : Web Design Problems / How to increase the Traffic toward own site on: October 26, 2006, 03:35:09 PM
Hi All
Would any body like to share the idea's to improve traffic to own site's
Although I had tried Various (free)Program and increase my site's traffic to 400% from the begining
But I would like to explore it to more.
Any Help if you could?
Alok Tiwari
9  Internet & Network Support / Internet & Email / Is there any way to kick Spammers on: October 05, 2006, 01:27:22 AM
HI All.
I got lots of spam mails in my email box.I try to block them But they again comes in a Different Name.
Some time Selling Some what stupid So called Mussle Booster and XYZ.
Some time With some Pics and a Download part in pif/dat

I had read out
If you get spam email that you think is deceptive, forward it to The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email.

The problem is will is work out side USA.

Kindly I am getting mails and have no control over Yahoo means I can't use any spam protection on yahoo web service.Although Yahoo send them in Bulk folder.But some time it also sends My important mails.So I need to check Bulk folder also.

Have any Idea to stop it?

10  Computer Related Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What's Your Opinion Regarding Adsense Program on: September 29, 2006, 07:03:28 PM
Dear Admin
If you says Definetly it should be a great Apportunity for Small Business or non profit Organization Means Untill they Could not meat the Oevrheads of Project.It is really impossible to operate anything non profit.
Exactly I am about to launch another portel (Non Profitt).But I am not able to decide the Costing issue of that Project.

No Doubt I having a Good Hosting Solution at Rs. 20 Per MB/Year +Standard Charges Rs. 400 For Domain Name Registration.Consider 1$=approx 45 Rs.
So the Costing is Not Issue of launching the Project.But To Run the Project I Need Money.thats why I opt for Adsense Program.

But I want to get Advice from a Real WebMaster sience Only they can say what is truth.
(I hope Google Guy' If Reading this Don't mind for a beginner question)

But the thing is I am unable to get knowledge regarding Tex issue.
Just Gotta Confused.that's why asked.

Any way I will meat on sunday Some Of my relatives in india (in Service Text Department India).And If I found any thing New than I would Post here.for My Indian Counter Part if they need Help (Like I am asking).I hope you Don't Close this Topic untill then

Alok Tiwari

One Stupid Question.
Is canada is Different Country from USA.Means I Don't know where is canada.Remembering My Childhood Classess "....Canada is in USA .."
11  Computer Related Discussions / General Discussions / What's Your Opinion Regarding Adsense Program on: September 29, 2006, 06:18:48 AM
Hi All
Could Any one tell me the opinion Regarding Adsense Program.
Like Is it really Usefull for small companies?
What should One Do if Not having TIN ?

I am From india and participated in Adsense Program (From Google)
But Google Ask me to enter TEX Information. As I live in India.And Operating from India
the Service is for Global users.And I Decide to Pay Service Tex to Indian Goverment.
But Google says that Sience you Business Server is Located in USA that's why you need to pay TAX in USA.
Means in short I need top pay in INDIA (Service Text) +USA Tex
I am not able to understand that why I need to pay in USA?
And The Most Important Question is Why USA will accept My Tex as I am Not From USA.
I don't suppose that USA Goverment will issue me any TAX ID.
Although Google ask me to submitt form Number.

See What google says
Google AdSense: Tax Information

In order to remain compliant with tax laws, Google began collecting tax-related information from all AdSense publishers as of November 13, 2003.

Upon logging in to your AdSense account, you'll be presented with an easy-to-use interface that will direct you to the appropriate form for your tax situation. Most tax forms are provided in electronic format for you to complete and submit online.

Please note that Google will hold payments to you until we receive your tax information. You'll collect all revenue due to you once your information has been submitted.

Publishers will fall into one of three main tax categories:

    * U.S. Business: The payee is based in, and pays taxes in, the U.S.
    * Non U.S. Business (No U.S. Activities): The payee's operations related to participation in AdSense are based entirely outside of the U.S., and payee does not pay taxes in the U.S.
    * Non U.S. Business with U.S. Activities: The payee is based outside of the U.S., but has equipment or employees in the U.S. that are involved with payee's participation in AdSense.

Additional information includes:

    * Deadline for Submitting your Tax Information
    * Additional Tax Resources

Your tax information is being collected in compliance with U.S. tax laws, and will be securely stored, encrypted, and used for tax purposes only. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

U.S. Business

United States (U.S.) publishers are required to submit Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form W-9, for which a U.S. tax I.D. such as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) is needed.

This form is available online within your AdSense publisher account. You can complete and sign the form electronically. Google uses industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your tax I.D. and other personal information.

IRS form W-9 (.pdf) can be viewed at the IRS website for your reference.

Non U.S. Business (No U.S. Activities )

United States (U.S.) Activities involve having employees or owning equipment in the U.S. that are involved in any way with revenue earned through the AdSense program. This includes, but is not limited to, owning a web server or owning a hosting service in the U.S., or having employees in the U.S. who are involved in either:

   1. setting up a web server, hosting service, or website
   2. developing content for your website
   3. marketing to create a user base for your site
   4. telephone support for your site
   5. buying products for your site
   6. maintaining your site

Generally, utilizing an unrelated third-party U.S. web hosting service to host your web pages, renting web servers that are located in the U.S. from an unrelated third party, or having your payment sent to a U.S. Post Office Box or mail forwarding address, do not of themselves constitute U.S. Activities.

If you do not have U.S. Activities, you will be asked to agree to a statement to that effect. No tax forms are required in this instance.

Non U.S. Business (With U.S. Activities)

If your business is located outside of the United States (U.S.), but you have U.S. Activities that are involved with your participation in the AdSense program, you'll be asked to walk through steps designed to direct you to the appropriate tax form.

You'll also need to provide a U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) as part of the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms. If you do not have a TIN, we suggest that you obtain one as soon as possible. Please note that the process of obtaining a TIN may take several weeks. You can visit the IRS website for more information on obtaining a U.S. TIN.

Deadline for Submitting Your Tax Information

Until we receive your tax information, Google will hold all payments to you.

If payment is held, you'll still be able to access your publisher account, show ads, and register earnings. You'll collect all revenue due to you under the Google AdSense Online Program Agreement once you have submitted your tax information. Google will try to make such payments in the first payment cycle following your submission of this information (provided that you have met the $100 earnings threshold referenced in the Google AdSense Online Program Agreement).

Additional Tax Resources

We've provided the tax information above as general guidance only. However, it is up to each publisher to understand and adhere to the appropriate tax rules. The tax information collection interface and any tax-related information provided by Google is not intended as and should not be construed as legal, tax, or investment advice. You should always consult your tax advisor to help answer specific questions regarding how tax laws apply to you and/or your business. The tax summary we have provided is necessarily incomplete, and the tax laws and regulations are subject to change. Therefore, Google does not guarantee and is not liable for the accuracy or completeness of any tax information provided, or any results or outcome as a result of the use of this information. Please review these resources for additional information about tax regulations:

    * To learn more about U.S. tax requirements, please visit the IRS website.
    * For tax advice or more technical questions about how tax laws apply to you, please consult your tax adviser.
    * For general questions about submitting your tax information to Google AdSense, you can email

Ok I will as Google support Team. But
I need General Opinion About the Program.that should be true. I Get Helped From here various Time and Really Get True help from here.
Once again Would Any Body like to help me

In Short
What is your opinion about the program? (Good/BAD/whatever)
Is it really helpfull for small business (Huh?)
What will be the Tex issue (Out Side US Companies)
Do the Company need to pay two times Tex (Y/N)
Or Any thing you wish to tell

Alok Tiwari

12  Software Support / Programming Problems / Re: creating add-ons for internet explorer on: September 21, 2006, 05:04:02 PM
I think she was asking about Mozilla-Firefox like ad on

Really Better then IE ad..
13  Software Support / Programming Problems / Re: creating add-ons for internet explorer on: September 21, 2006, 05:00:40 PM
Sorry Admin the link is


14  Software Support / Operating Systems : Mac OS / Re: any free spyware programs for macs? on: September 21, 2006, 04:53:29 PM
I have not used Mach before
But you may search at this link
Find any Software that will run on your plateform

Alok Tiwari
15  Hardware Support / Hardware Devices Problems / Re: TravelMate 3212NWXMi (3210 series) - Urgent RAM Upgradation...!!! on: September 21, 2006, 04:45:52 PM
back here.
Continue From the Last post
Better You should get your data Backup to another system.Reinstall the system again
Some thing you can do
Let the Partition size of C Drive shorter in your case 10 GB works
(You need space for installing Other S/w I guess you are not making your acer as mach.
Laptop's are not effieient for Grapics Stations I think you got )

Install Windows XP +Auto Pacher from Windows(Recomended)
Install Ad-Aware SE Personal (Free to kick spywares that could suck your speed)
Install Software you need Coz of your work.Let the Fancy S/W Kick out
Which Software Should you Install Take 1 min to think and Find Why you want to install and Believe me you will get the answer.
Install any good Antivirus NA or Panda (Latest will work Best)
Keep away your system From Chor-Bazar* Software's (For Non-Indian >>>Indian Term That Means *Gray Market)
I don't think you need to purchase any RAM to boost up your System 256 DDR is fairly enough for your day to day work.

I am Using A system (P3) here at my home with Apache Server
loaded with MYQL,PHP,Python,Perl and Dozens other softwares  and Languages.
The RAM of the system is 128 MB That work Smoothly

So I don't suggest you to buy the RAM Better you should invest some time on your system you will find a really faster Laptop without changing the hardware.

Incase you are unable to get a proper speed then the posted link above will help you.

One More Suggestion if Simply reading pdf file it slows down the speed of your system then kindly choose other pdf readers.
Acrobet 7 is a slowly one (if you just want to read pdf 5 or 6 will work faster)
or you may switch to another reader
How to find another PDF reader

Alok Tiwari


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