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1  Internet & Network Support / Networking Problems / Tracert.exe disconnects me on: November 23, 2004, 09:04:01 AM
Operating System Version:XP PRO SP2
Problem Application Name & Version:Azureus(Java Bittorrent client)
Problem Hardware Make & Model:Alcatel Pro Touch ADSL Modem
Error Messages:"a network cable is unplugged"

I have been using azureus for about a year and wanted to try a new plugin(Autospeed) that uses the tracert.exe command to send ICMP to specific ip to figure the best upload/download speed to use. This plugin automatically disconnects me from the net. What i have found is that my Alcatel Pro Touch ADSL modem is dropping this request because of the tracert.exe command. I have also found that if a UDP port is used instead propably it won't make the problem.
Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance
2  Software Support / Game Problems / Re: Generals Zero Hour crawls on: September 15, 2004, 11:09:20 AM
Thanks Jee for your time.
I will give them a shot. Hopefully the problems will be resolved.
3  Software Support / Game Problems / Re: Generals Zero Hour crawls on: September 14, 2004, 03:28:42 PM
I update the drivers.
If the system asks for a reboot I certainly reboot.
I used both the same drivers for my motherboard and the updated ones from the site.
I use the latest Directx from microsoft's update.

I know it must be something I forget but since I'm thinking upgrading my ram to 1 gb and 333hz instead of 266 it can't keep doing the same problem. Maybe i'll change my nvidia with 5900 256 mbs!

Imagine next month with Half-Life 2. I will only be able to watch the introduction!
4  Software Support / Game Problems / Generals Zero Hour crawls on: September 10, 2004, 07:45:34 AM
Operating System Version:Windows XP (no service packs)
Problem Application Name & Version: C&C Generals Zero Hour Expansion with the latest patch update.
Problem Hardware Make & Model: Gforce 4200 Ti 128mb
Error Messages:Getting slower and slower

Well I have this pc for 20 months now, a P4 2.4 GH running with 512mb RAM 266HZ and I get problems with the game. Lately its very slow and some times it stucks and becomes 10-20 times slower than what it should be. I'm currently on XP proffesional with no service packs freshly formated and still the same. When I first bought the game I only had 256 RAM and worked fine.
I have tested it both with SP1 and SP2 and still the same. These problems begun 2 months ago.
Is there a problem with nvidias latest drivers? I have tried windows update drivers too, and still the same.

Hope this is the correct place to post this:)
5  Internet & Network Support / Networking Problems / No "Full duplex mode" on: September 10, 2004, 09:34:12 AM
Operating System Version:XP PRO
Problem Application Name & Version:Realtech Ethernet NIC
Problem Hardware Make & Model:
Error Messages:NO Duplex mode

The problem with my ethernet is that I can't connect in 10mbs full duplex mode. When doing so it disconnects after a second and I get the "network cable is unplugged" message.To solve the problem I undo the change to Auto-negotiate and restart my ADSL modem. A friend of mine told me that this may have to do with the modem used by my ISP being an Alcatel and different systems used in their premises.
6  Software Support / Operating Systems : Microsoft / Re: NTLRD is missing on: May 12, 2004, 05:36:26 AM
Same here.
Norton System Works changed the primary drive in the BIOS settings and I had to restore them.

7  Software Support / Operating Systems : Microsoft / Re: NTLRD is missing on: May 11, 2004, 09:06:24 AM
I have the same problem: NTLDR is missing ...Please press CNTRL+ALT+DELETE to Restart

I'm using XP Pro and I used Norton System Works 2004 from the CD without installing it. On the Windoctor scan some problems arose I think in trying to fix them removed something from C to another drive(At least this what I believe it did).

Is my problem in Windows or does it messed with the BIOS boot and I need to configure it?
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