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April 09, 2020, 04:12:14 AM

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April 09, 2020, 04:12:14 AM

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Author Topic: Do i need a controller card with sata drives?  (Read 741 times)

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« on: April 19, 2008, 02:29:18 PM »

I have a serious question i was hoping somebody that was tech savvy might be able to assist me with.
When i had my computer built i had 2 sata drives but the tech guys at the computer place stole my 240 gig sata and gave me back a 120 gig ide drive.
Since i couldnt prove it beyond a doubt the store manager denied my claim and said the techs would never do such a thing.
Then as a result i was told i had to buy a controller card  to make both my sata drive and the ide drive i had both work with all my disk drives which i have 4 of.
Well i did it and then after paying an in home tech 260$ to make it all reboot because nobody could make the controller card reboot properly it worked.
I have now had it working for a bit but now my video card which sits right on top of the controller card is overheating to the point it now makes a buzzing noise from the fan and the video card fan is going at half the speed of the other video card fan(SLI).

My question is if i replace all the IDE stuff in my computer(im pretty sure its only that 1 drive they replaced my stolen one for) with sata stuff then do i still need a controller card or is my controller card actually neccessary because i have so many drives(4 disk drives,5 if you include the floppy and soon to have 2 raided raptors{for gaming} a terrbit drive for storage and a bigger raptor for the operating system itself).
Is a controller card for just producing more IDE connections or do i need it for usage of so many drives if they are all SATA?
I was originally told i need it to produce an IDE connection but i think a controller card has something to with raid so im not so sure now......
I really need to somehow get rid of the controller card though because my video card is seriously overheating because the fan has no free space to breath as it sits directly on the controller card and my computer tech says thats the only way it will fit with the SLI configuration.
If anybody has any other ideas i would really appreciate it but as of now i see my only solution being to get rid of the controller card somehow.
Is this possible simply by converting to a fully SATA setup or will i still need the controller card for my raptor raid?

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