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October 22, 2019, 12:11:03 PM

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October 22, 2019, 12:11:03 PM

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Author Topic: Intermitten Internet Connection - Same Problem With Different Routers  (Read 1685 times)

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« on: March 05, 2009, 04:07:41 AM »

First, let me be clear - this problem happens randomly several times a day.  I had a Linksys WRT110N Range Plus router.  The problem happened from day 1 - in the end, after several calls to Linksys Tech Support, they told me to send in the "defective" router (at my shipping cost) and they would send me a replacement. Did that, got it, and the same problem happens. They do not know what to do, so I bought a Belkin F5D8236-4 N Wireless Router figuring just for some reason my network didn't like Linksys or that particular model.  Hooked it up, and the same problem happens.

Here are my specs: (I don't know what's going to be pertinent information, so I will just list it all.)

Main Computer: Windows Vista Basic, 3.1 AMD Athlon Dual Core, 8GB Ram, 2xATI Radeon 4850 1GB in Crossfire Mode, Hardwired to Port 1 on the Belkin Router, Router Firewall and Windows Built in Firewall is disabled, Norton Internet Security Firewall is on but everything pertaining to my network including the 2nd PC is entered in the Firewall list as Full Trust.  I am fully updated with all Windows Updates and Router Firmware.  Lease time for the connection is set to Forever.  I have cloned the MAC address, as I was told sometimes this will help, as some ISP's force your connection off as they don't like routers.   Huh?

Computer 2 has Windows XP, 2.5 GHZ Intel, 2GB Ram, Radeon X1300 series, Wirelessly connected.  XP Firewall is disabled. Norton Internet Security Firewall is set on Full Trust for everything pertaining to the network.  Fully updated to SP3 with all security updates.

Also, I can see shared files from both computers, and file sharing and printer sharing works perfectly.  Both computers have internet access working.

Things I was told to try with Linksys Router by Linksys Tech Support: (tried these with the first WRT110 and the replacement one they sent me)

1 - Changing the Channel from 5 to 11, then to 9.
2 - Changing the signal to Mixed.
3 - Changing the MTU settings from Automatic to 1400, then to 1364.
4 - Changing the IP from to
5 - Resetting the Router to Default Settings, then reconfiguring.
6 - Could not upgrade firmware, when I went to choose the path of the bin file, it acted like I had nothing selected, never could get it to upgrade.

Belkin Settings as of right now:

Lease = Forever
MAC Address = Cloned
Router Firewall = Disabled
Channel = 6
Bandwidth = 20Mhz
Broadcast SSID = Enabled
Lan Settings: IP's, Computers Connected are Main Hardwired, and Wireless, all are Trusted by firewalls.
WAN DNS = Automatic from ISP
Security Mode = Disabled
Wifi Protected Setup = Enabled
No IP Filters are Enabled
Mac Address Filtering = Disabled
Block ICMP Ping = Enabled
UPNP Enable / Disable = Enabled

I have tried setting the Wireless Computer to be configured under DMZ settings to be OUTSIDE of the NAT Firewall as I was told sometimes this will help with disconnects from games or certain conferencing programs.  Didn't help. 

I have not called Belkin themselves yet because, frankly, I am tired of dealing with tech support, and nothing they suggest or have me change helps anyway. Also, note, that I see no MTU settings option (dunno if that's just a Linksys thing or what.)

Most of the time, the length of the intermittence is a second at most, which really isn't much when you are only surfing the net, and then the connection is there again.  However, that one second of lost connection is enough to stop downloads, disconnect you from online games, and more.  My wife and I like to play City of Villains and City of Heroes together, and every time we do, within 20 minutes we lose connection to the game, always at the same time. (I added that game's ports to my router port settings btw on both the Linksys and Belkin) and we also play games together, and that one second is enough to disconnect us from the pogo server.  Games like World of Warcraft, which I play, seems to be not effected as I have played 4-5 hour sessions and never been disconnected.  We also rarely seem to disconnect when only one of us is on pogo or City of Villains / Heroes and the other isn't, meaning, as long as only one computer is playing one of those games, the intermittent connection happens less frequently.

I am at my wit's end with this.  The main reason we bought a second computer and did the whole wireless router things was so her and I could play pogo and CoH/V together, but that isn't working out, and now my wife is griping that it was a waste of money.

Any help in any way shape or form would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

EDIT: I do have a cordless phone, which happens to sit right next to the router itself.  Some people have told me this CAN interfere with a router, while some have told me it has nothing to do with it. The wife and I also both have cellphones, and they are always in the same room as the router.  I also should mention that both computers are in the same room, less than 10 feet from each other, and both are Desktops.

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