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December 13, 2019, 09:54:19 PM

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December 13, 2019, 09:54:19 PM

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Author Topic: win98: DVD-ROM doesn't work with HDD present  (Read 970 times)

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« on: November 23, 2003, 10:37:19 PM »

Hitachi GD-2000 DVD-ROM
Quantum TX series 5.25" HDD
Maxtor [boot drive]

The machine is a HP Pavillion Pentium-II 350 MHz;
top to bottom, the drive cage looks like this:

(top)    DVD-ROM
(mid)    5.25" Quantum HDD
(lower)  floppy
(lowest) boot drive

and the IDE slots on the motherboard are near the
base of the cabinet, 6" or so below the boot disk.

NOTE: the cabinet and drive cage have physical limitations,
these drives cannot be mounted any differently!

The Primary IDE has the boot drive, jumper=master, and is connected at
the end of the ribbon cable.  There's no place to mount anything below
this drive, so the middle ribbon connector goes unused.

The Secondary IDE has the Quantum TX HDD attached with the middle
ribbon connector and the DVD-ROM attached at the end ribbon connector.
The ribbon cable is regular length.

The problem is the DVD-ROM is not accessible from win98 whenever the
Quantum HDD is connected.  On the boot disk, the DVD-ROM driver is
installed properly and gets used when win98 sees the DVD-ROM.
So far, the only time the DVD-ROM works is when the Quantum HDD
is NOT connected (and the DVD-ROM jumper set to Master or CS);
in this case, the DVD-ROM is accessible as "D:"

For the DVD and Quantum HDD, all combinations of Master / Slave /
Cable-Select jumper settings (except M+M, S+S) have been tried.
Some combos cause the machine to hang at an early stage during boot;
with the other combos, the Phoenix BIOS always sees and correctly
reports all (3) drives, but only the Quantum HDD (and the boot drive
on the Primary IDE) are accessible from win98; the Quantum HDD on the
Secondary IDE always gets assigned as "D:"

When win98 boots OK, the Device Manager always shows a yellow exclamation next to the Secondary IDE, and the error information
is not useful.  A CDROM (not DVD) is always present as a child of
the Secondary IDE, but is listed with the correct make/model:
Hitachi GD-2000.  Also, there's never a "noide" in the registry.

What is needed to access both the DVD-ROM and the Quantum HDD from win98?  and is it even possible for win98 to support a HDD (slave)
and a DVD-ROM (master) on the Secondary IDE?

One other idea is using a longer IDE ribbon cable: how about a long
cable that goes from the motherboard connector to the DVD-ROM (slave)
attached with the middle connector, then reversing back to the center
of the cabinet and attaching the end connector to the HDD (master) ?

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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2003, 05:45:06 PM »


The position of the device on a standard ribbon cable doesn't matter is using master/slave jumper settings. I would try to master/slave both hard drives on the primary IDE channel and put the DVD alone on the secondary IDE channel by replacing the cables with longer ones if needed. If the cables in the system are Cable Select type cables, replace them with standard IDE cables

Sylvain Amyot

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