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March 29, 2020, 06:54:21 AM

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March 29, 2020, 06:54:21 AM

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Author Topic: Multiple issues?  (Read 632 times)

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« on: April 04, 2004, 11:58:00 AM »

Operating System Version: XP
Problem Application Name & Version:N/A
Problem Hardware Make & Model:D875PBZ MB, 2.6C Intel CPU,2 sticks Samsug PC3200 model # K48560838E
Error Messages:Low voltages reported in Bios and Active Monitor

I built my PC on these main items. In addition I had bought a 120G HD SATA150.
Problem is there seems to be multiple issues. I will describe what I have done to rectify the problems so far. Symptoms are a very hard slow down of the system, typically with heat related problems as the CPU compensates by slowing down.
At the start The PC just would not load windowa XP correctly, I kept having issues with rebooting and reports of the video card problems. I noticed the voltages were low as reported in the bios. The CPU core was reported under 1.52, and the 12 volt was reported under 11.8. Intel site however this is ok. I replaced the power supply 1st thinking that may be it. I purchased a 500 watt axio aluminum series and seen no change. I wiped the HD and reloaded and everything seemed ok for the most part, but some games were acting flaky. The PC would automatically reboot. I updated the video drivers and no luck.(TI4200 Nvidia)Eventually the PC started up ok, but got very sluggesh,and even rebooting didn't work when I was in windows, it would just lock up. If I shut it down, let it sit and restart, it would run, and do the same thing in about 10 minutes.
I sent back the MB. Intel sent a new one, I set it back up, and the PC would not start, just a series of beeps and no video signal, which I interperated as a bad video card. I sent is back since it has a lifetime warrenty and replaced it with a new one. Same thing happens. Intels site indicates that this symptom is main memory related. So, that will be my next step, to replace the 2 sticks.
A couple of observations:
  The model # of the memory is not included on intels site as tested memory.
  If my memory serves, there is a black strip on the inside of the heat sink and when pulling apart the CPU, I noticed it smeared on the CPU....Heat related?
  There has been no reports in the bios or in aactive monitor(INTELS SOFTWARE) of any high temps.
  Intel indicates the low voltages are ok should no cause a problem. But to check the Cas Latency that it is not lower than 2.5-3-3. This I cannot tell since the PC is down.

Any ideas?

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