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June 03, 2020, 09:18:40 PM

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Author Topic: Device driver not found : MSCD001"  (Read 3464 times)
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« on: July 14, 2004, 12:34:16 PM »

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I am trying to install a new hard drive in to my pc. My old one became faulty. The message on the screen says that my cd rom has no reconised drive? I have put a windows 98 start up floppy disk in and formatted the disk. i have partitioned the disk. but it just won't let me install the windows program. I intend putting my windows xp upgrade disk in when i have installed windows 98.
Why can i not load any drives for the cd roms? Where do i get the drives from? Do they come from the win 98 disk? Am I doing something wrong?
Please help. I am completly stuck.

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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2004, 01:57:47 PM »

How stupid am I? My IDE cable had come loose. It is now working.
I managed to find this page of advice on this subject which may help other people who have the same problem.

I am having this problem over again, but can't solve it.

I am tying install a WINDOW 98 on my Operating System.

When I put the WIN98 startup disk in the floppy disk(in the Operating system)there is nothing wrong with it. Just say 1)CD support 2)without CD support 3)Help.

When I choose the 1) with CD support. It load these message.

Here is my problem I am having: the messsage.

"Device driver not found : MSCD001"
"No drives found, aborting installation"

after these message,, it does the PCI bus scan.
at the end it give me these message:

"Device drive not found: MSCD001"
"No valid CD-ROM device drivers Selected"

Here are my error message I am keep getting when tried load up my CD-ROM.

Hope somebody can undstand what I am tying say what my problem is with the Cd-ROM.




a) Are the jumpers at the back end of the CD-ROM set correctly ? These jumpers are used to set the CD-ROM as a 'Master Drive' or as a 'Slave Drive'. If It is set to 'Cable select' I would suggest that you change that.

b) Depending on what you wish to do and if the CD-ROM Drive is connected to the Second IDE Slot on the Motherboard, you will have to change the jumpers at that back end of the CD-ROM to make it a 'Secondary Master Drive'.

c)If the CD-ROM Drive is connected to the same IDE Ribbon cable as your Hard Disk Drive then you will have to change the jumpers(on the CD-ROM) to make it a 'Primary Salve Drive '.

d) In all the above cases I assume that your Hard Disk Drive is set up as the 'Primary Master Drive' by the umpers at the back end of the Hard Disk Drive.
Both the CD-ROM Drive and the Hard Disk Drive are usually marked to enable setting them up as either Master Drive(MA), Salve Drive(SA) or Cable select(CS)

e)Go into your BIOS Setup and make sure that the CD-ROM Drives and the Hard Disk Drives are setup and recognized properly.

f)You can also try to download and use a new Windows 98 Boot Diskette from

g) Check the IDE Ribbon cables, the Power cables etc are connected tight and properly onto all the Hard Disk Drives and CD-ROM Drives.

Hope this helps.


I'd say that the Windows 98 boot floppy you have does not recognise your cdrom.  You need to boot of a floppy that supports your cdrom.
Do you know what your cdrom is.

You can get a boot disk image from

maybe one of the power supply pig tales is bad or it could be the 80pin connector on the back of the cd rom drive in that case you will need to take it back and get a new one

maybe one of the power supply pig tales is bad or it could be the 80pin connector on the back of the cd rom drive in that case you will need to take it back and get a new one then set the back on master then make a boot disk and put it in and press 1 for cd rom support then after that gets done but the windows disk in and let it take off

have you tried using a different bootdisk... sounds like your cd files might be corrupt... if not your cd rom should have come with msdos drivers try using them

Let's troubleshoot.

Boot to your BIOS.
HOW?  It varies depending on who made your computer.  Remove your 98 boot disk.  As the machine boots up, look for any messages that tell you to press a key to enter 'setup' or something similar.  In most cases, this key will be the 'Del' key or an even numbered Function key (i.e. F2 or F10 key).

Unfortunately, BIOS are also very different from each other, but once you are in, try to find a place that reports the devices you have on IDE devices.  Look for any mention of your CDROM.  Many BIOS also have the capability of running an auto-detect.  Once you located the correct place in the BIOS, (and possibly ran an auto-detect), if the BIOS cannot detect the CDROM, you have a hardware problem.

First, turn off the computer, reseat the IDE cable, at both ends, reseat the CDROM's powe cable.  Bootup, see if the computer finds it.  Replace the IDE cable and, if you have an extra power connection, swap that. If not, then it may be a jumper issue, which people above have already mentioned.  The CDROM may be dead.

If the BIOS does detect the CDROM, then it is a driver issue.  Use a different Windows 98 boot disk.  If that doesn't work, then your CDROM is probably not capable of using standard drivers, (which means it is probably a cheap piece of **** and should be replaced anyway).  Check your docs/driver disks or go to the CDROM manufacturer website.

Hope this helps

It looks like the MSCDEX.EXE in the autoexec.bat file maybe referencing the wrong cdrom driver.  Do you have the CDROM driver  in the config.sys file ... both of these files should be located c:\ ...

Hopefully this helps.

Go to other Windows 98 computer and make a setup disk, or set your Bios to boot your cd-rom first (don't need to use floppy, if your computer is P II and above!).

I suppose that your startdisk isn't in a good condition.

That means:
You have either an disk which has got physical problems(water, sunlight e.g) or there was a mistake while copying the files from cd on your startdisk!

Go to an another Win98 System and take a new disk and make a startdisk again!

Good Luck


I've had this problem - I suggest you check setup to make sure BIOS in setup is recognizing your CD as hardware, then you need the right set of "drivers" for your Cdrom the Windows startup disk (I have yet to have a PC that will use the universal drivers Microsoft provides when creating a startup disk, but hey that's Murphy's Law.
You need to know how to access the setup when your PC starts booting - hold the Ctrl key during booting, the you'll see an option to hit the "F2" key, which brings you into setup. Usually the CDROM is listed as "Master 1" drive.
If it's not there, try to select it -otherwise you have a BIOS problem or an actual hardware problem suech as internal cables, bad CDROM.
As far as CDrom drivers, getting the right driver and then "putting them where they belong" in autoexec.bat and config.sys is can be done, you may need more coaching. I'll check to see if my furter effort on advise in worthwhile, foer now I'm out of steam

Two things you should take a look.
(1) Make sure whether your jumper has been plugged correctly inside your CD-ROM as a "Master Drive". If so, make sure your CD-ROM driver has been loaded in your harddrive (Your CD-ROM supplier should give you a driver disk I guess)
(2) Make sure whether your bootdisk works. Try another computer to make sure if it is successfully boot up your computer without errors. Or, try to find another computer with Windows 98 OS to create a system disk for you and try again.

Hopefully it does help.


One thing you are all assuming is that his CDROM is even IDE, it could be SCSI or a number of proprietary types.  If none of the above suggestions work then I'd recommend taking your PC to a shop and having them tell you what kind of CDROM you have and if it is not IDE based then have them replace it with a new IDE CDROM drive, they are very inexpensive now.




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