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May 25, 2020, 12:08:40 PM

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May 25, 2020, 12:08:40 PM

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Author Topic: Win98SE PC sees but can't access Win2000Pro PC  (Read 847 times)

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« on: September 04, 2004, 03:16:49 PM »

Operating System Version: Win2000Pro and Win98SE
Problem Application Name & Version: Home networking
Problem Hardware Make & Model:
Error Messages: None

To all:  Copied below are my posts to and responses from another forum regarding my home networking problem.  Your ideas would be appreciated.  Sorry to be long-winded, and thanks.


Wow! This home networking is tough! In the last month, I successfully installed Verizon DSL, and then the Linksys Wireless Router, which is (a) hard wired to my wife's Win2000Pro laptop via an ethernet cable to her ethernet/LAN card, and (b) connected wireless to my Win98SE laptop via my Linksys wireless card. We both have access to the internet very nicely, and my wife's Win2000Pro laptop can both see my Win98SE laptop and download files into two share-permitted folders on my laptop. HOWEVER, from my Win98SE laptop, I can see the name of her computer but cannot access anything in it. When I try to access her computer (double-click on the name of her computer in my Network Neighborhood display), I'm prompted to give a password by a small box that says: "Enter Network Password ... You must supply a password to make this connection ... Resource: \\[her computer's name]\IPC$ ... Password: [blank space] ". Needless to say, there is no password we know of. And this is continuing even though I just enabled Sharing on one of the folders in her C:\ drive and saw that "Everyone" has access, to which I also added "Network". (Athough she has not rebooted since then.) Also: There is no folder or file in her computer with the name "IPC$", and there are no "*.pwl" files. FYI: To get this far, I have already added IPX/SPX and NetBEUI to both laptops, and both already had and still have TCP/IP showing. When my wife boots up, we briefly see a greyed-out log-in window that logs her in as Administrator and does not wait for a password, and she is not using a password for anything on her computer. Indeed, as far as I can tell by looking at the various Control Panel settings, she is configured NOT to require passwords for anything. On my Win98SE laptop, since I changed my Primary Network Logon to Client for Microsoft Networks a week ago, when I boot up I see a log-in window that already shows my computer's name and asks for a password but I have never programmed a password. Either my TweakUI setting will make this disappear by itself in a few seconds or I click "OK" without entering a password, and my laptop continues to boot up. Please give all the possible suggestions you can. However, at this point we would prefer NOT to require passwords unless you think it's absolutely necessary. (The Linksys Router has a NAT firewall, each of us also has a ZoneAlarm basic (free) firewall, the SSID on the Linksys is NOT being broadcast and I enabled the WEP encryption.) More info: According to the DHCP report page on the Linksys Router, I have IP Address, and she has When I go to DOS and ping her, I get a time-out no response. But when I ping the Router itself on, I get a fast response. Again, my question is: What should I do so that from my Win98SE laptop, I can have access to at least one specified folder on her Win2000Pro laptop? Please be detailed as I am NOT a techy. MANY THANKS.


This is an old chestnut. You DO need a username/password to logon to 98 machine, and you also need a user set up on 2k machine which has the same username/password. Then assuming you have shared drive/folder/printer on 2k machine, this/these share(s) will become available.


Further developments: Since I left my first post above, I have gone back to my wife's Win2000Pro laptop and have done the following, with the following partial results: I went to Users and Passwords and checked "Users Must Enter a Password to Log On". This then permitted me to Add a new User name, so I Added the name of my Win98SE laptop, left the password fields blank and gave such name full User rights and full Security rights. I then also made sure that the Shared Folder on my wife's C:\ drive also listed my computer name as a designated user with all permissions. I then went back to Users and Passwords and UNchecked "Users Must Enter a Password to Log On" so that, as before, NO passwords are needed for my wife to reboot. However, my computer's name remains in the list of users below. I also went to my wife's ZoneAlarm and added my computer's IP address as an Allowed Internet source. The end result of the above is a small but incomplete improvement: When I go back to my Win98SE laptop and click again on Network Neighborhood, I can again (as before) see my wife's computer, and if I doubleclick on it I NO LONGER get the password prompt described in my earlier post. However, I still do NOT see any of the three folders on my wife's computer to which I should have access. Another interesting aspect is that if I go to DOS and ping my wife's IP address, I get a good fast ping response, not the no-result-time-out from before. Nevertheless, I cannot access the shared folders on my wife's Win2000Pro laptop. So I still need your advice. Thanks! (Whew.)


OK - Yet more strange developments: As I wrote above, I can see an icon for my wife's Win2000Pro laptop when I go to Network Neighborhood on my Win98SE laptop, but if I doubleclick or try to "Open" that icon, I can NOT see any icons for the three folders on her laptop to which I should have Shared access. However, if I enter the following into my Explorer or IE address window: "\\[her laptop name]\[name of the Shared folder on her C:\ drive]\", I DO see the files in that folder and can open them on my laptop. This is very strange. Please still send me your advice because I would like to see icons for the three shared folders in Network Neighborhood when I doubleclick on the icon for her computer. Thanks again.


Blank passwords are not a good idea (you can set values and still have automatic logon - tweakui can do this for you in win98 - if you're bothered about this). Alternatively, you could enable the guest account on the 2k machine (but if machine has internet access this is a security risk)


One more development: On my Win98SE laptop, I've gone to MY ZoneAlarm and added my wife's IP address as Trusted - Server. As a result, when I hit Network Neighborhood on the desktop of my Win98SE laptop, it gives me a much faster response, showing the icon for my wife's Win2000Pro laptop and my laptop immediately. However, the problem remains: When I click on the icon for my wife's laptop, I do not see anything, where I would expect to see the icons for the three folders on her laptop to which I should have Shared access, including Printers. (When I click on the icon for my own laptop, I immediately see the two folders to which I have given my wife Shared access.) However, I can still reach the contents of one of the Shared folders on my wife's Win2000Pro laptop by typing the full folder path in my Explorer or IE address bar. Still very strange. Do you really think that adding password to our computer names would solve this problem? I'd really prefer NOT to inflict passwords on our laptops. Please speculate. Thanks again.


Well, every time I've used a network connection from 9x/ME machine to an NT (eg, 2k) based one, setting up account on NT based one with same username/password as logon for 9x machine has allowed file & printer sharing to work. I've never set it up without a password, because I'd read on a network site that this doesn't work - it prevents the NT nbased system authenticating. So I would definitely advocate passwords. As I mentioned, you can set the 98 machine to auto logon with username/password of its normal user using tweakui (its on the 98 install Cd or you can download it from - which as you already know you can also do for the 2k machine (so that tends to dissipate the password inconvenience in my experience).


Mr. _____ (and others):  Thanks for your advice so far.  I have not yet done all you've suggested because I'm really reluctant to put passwords on my wife's laptop.  (In another blog, someone wrote "Home networking ruined my marriage!")  But more developments: I did try adding a password to my Win98SE laptop, but I found that, in Control Panel ... Passwords, I could add only my own Windows password, as the button for adding "Other" passwords remained greyed out.  I assume "Other" is where I'd find the buttons for adding a network password.  So, having added only my own Windows password -- not a network password -- and having rebooted succesfully, I clicked on Network Neighborhood, saw the icons for my Win98SE laptop and my wife's Win2000Pro laptop, but when I clicked on her icon, I again got the prompt for entering a password for her IPC$, which no one has.  I backed out, set my Windows passwords back to blank, rebooted, and I'm back where I was before -- her Network Neighborhood icon leads to a blank screen, but I can access one of the three Shared folders on her laptop by entering the path in the Address bar of IE or Explorer.  I have also downloaded SoftPerfect's free Network Scanner, and the results are the following (from the .txt log):         18 ms   MINE      0 ms   
   BACKUPX   HERS      72 ms   
   IPC$         3 ms
On hers, the three sub-listings C$, ADMIN$ and IPC$ all show an icon in the shape of a padlock, and none of them is the three Shared folders on her laptop to which I'd like to have access.  One more possible symptom:  In our Linksys wireless router's web control page, the DHCP table now shows her computer but not mine, even though my wireless connection through Linksys is working well.  Well, I'm still open to suggestions, although I'd rather not inflict passwords on her laptop.  Thanks again.


It is essential to have passwords and the Win98 machine logon name must be a username on the Win2k machine. It should be possible to logon to the win98 machine from the win2k machine simply using the share name used for each drive on the win98 machine. Please repost your question with much less dialog! A simple diagram - which machine will and will not do what. But first - turn on users and passwords - set up a user other than Administrator on the 2k machine asap - set up a 2nd user with the same name as the username of the win98 machine.


I have now added a network logon password to my Win98SE laptop and added the same password to my User name on my wife's Win2000Pro laptop, following the instructions in Microsoft KB Article 258289.  (My User name on my wife's Win2000Pro laptop is the same as my User/computer name on my Win98SE laptop.)  Unfortunately, the symptoms are the same:  When I click on Network Neighborhood on my Win98SE laptop, there is an icon for my wife's laptop, but when I click on that (or Open or Explore it), there is nothing.  However, using IE or Explorer, I can go directly to one of the three Shared folders on my wife's laptop (but not the other two, including Printers).  Why does my Network Neighborhood not show the three Shared folders on my wife's laptop?  Thanks again for your suggestions so far, and I'm open to trying other ideas.

MY ADDITIONAL NOTE AND SUMMARY:  I spoke with the IT folks at my employer, explained the problem and also told them that (a) when my wife boots up her Win2000Pro laptop, it automatically logs her on as Administrator without a password, (b) I have added a User name with a password to her laptop that is the same as the logon name and network password of my Win98SE laptop, and on her laptop I gave my User name User privileges (not Administrator privileges), and (c) on her laptop, on one of her folders to which I want Shared privileges, I have added my User name as having rights and security rights, but I
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