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June 04, 2020, 01:58:19 AM

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Author Topic: Read this first: Tech Guidelines.  (Read 4023 times)
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« on: January 27, 2005, 07:25:41 PM »

If you are looking for hardware or software help around these forums, please observe a basic rule that we hold. Always leave your details.

This can be machine specs if you have a hardware problem, or your Windows version and the name of the program you have problems with if it is a software problem.


Please when asking a question, leave these details:

Motherboard brand & model
CPU (Is it overclocked?)
Amount of RAM (which RAM?)
Windows version

Additional info:
Brand & model of Videocard
Brand & model of Soundcard
Brand & model of Network Card
Brand(s) & model(s) of CD/DVD
Brand(s) & model(s) & Size of Harddrive(s)
BIOS version of Motherboard

Also leave a summary of what you have done to your system lately. What have you tried to overcome your problem? Have you tried a new BIOS for the motherboard? Have you updated your drivers? If so, which drivers and for what?

Drivers can be found on the motherboard manufacturer's site, or the chipset maker's site.
Check these Frequently Asked Questions for updated links.
Or check at Links for more help.

If you have a harddrive problem, did you try one of the HDD manufacturer's utilities? This post in the Tech FAQ has links to all harddrive manufacturer's utilities.

If you are using Windows Millennium Edition or Windows XP, have you tried an earlier System Restore Point, from before you had these problems? If you are using Windows XP, have you tried to do a Roll-Back on drivers?

If you got any BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), please leave details on what it said. Just saying "I got the BSOD" isn't helping us much. If we know what it said, it's easier to search for a solution.

Did you check the Event Log, if you are using Windows 2000 or XP? You can find a lot of information out of the Event Log. Especially when you take the time to look around on Google and the MS Knowledge Base and fill in the errors found.

If you have problems finding the make & model of your motherboard and assorted cards, use helper programs. CPUID.COM has CPUZ and PC Wizard to help you out. These programs are updated regularly to make sure your PC can be recognized by the programs.

Yet you can also go for Sisoft Sandra.


Leave details on your Windows version and which program you have your problems with. Please tell us which version of program it is, what you have tried to overcome the problem and which alternatives you have tried.
Did you check for viruses? Grisoft has a free edition of AVG, download it, update it regularly and use it to attack the virii (viruses) out there.

If you suspect you have a problem with spy software, try Adaware and Spybot to root out the evil.

Leave as many details as you can. You don't need to be a professional IT specialist who leaves us inundated in technical jargon. Just describe it in your own words. And take your time for a description. Also, use a topic title that describes part of your problem. Help me isn't really useful here. Help me with my motherboard problems comes closer.

And please observe that we cannot help you with questions that are illegal.
Questions about copy protection hacking of any kind (CDs, Windows versions, other software) will get your thread locked. You'll also receive a warning from a moderator or administrator.

We also cannot help you find the best download sites for mp3s, warez, games and other assorted copyrighted material. We can link you to Kazaa*, but if you have a problem with Kazaa, please take it up on their forums, not here on MTS.

Lastly, check your language. We don't care about you being dyslexic, as long as you write legible. And double checked or triple checked the info you have given us. Especially when it is the motherboard info you are leaving. MSI, for instance, has their motherboard numbers starting with MS-xxxx (number). Make sure you have the correct number, before people give you advice on the wrong motherboard/BIOS/drivers.

Thank you for reading. Now get your post down. Smiley

*or any other peer 2 peer software.
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