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May 29, 2020, 09:35:00 AM

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May 29, 2020, 09:35:00 AM

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Author Topic: HELP! Changed System _ Game XP v1.5.8.10  (Read 863 times)
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« on: August 13, 2005, 11:07:46 AM »

Operating System Version: Windows XP SP2
Problem Application Name & Version: Game XP v1.5.8.10 + Windows XP
Problem Hardware Make & Model: Game XP v1.5.8.10 + Windows XP
Error Messages: (Below)

Problem 1

A message appeared on my desktop after running Game XP v1.5.8.10 ("Problem 1"). I then used the restore option on Game XP and have a few problems from this (explained below in "Problem 2")

Desktop Error Message:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) occurred at PC=0x7EE243F
Library=C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\awt.dll

Current Java thread:
   at Method)
   at Source)
   at Source)

Dynamic libraries:
0x00400000 - 0x00419000    C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
0x7C900000 - 0x7C9B0000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll
0x7C800000 - 0x7C8F4000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll
0x77C10000 - 0x77C68000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll
0x77D40000 - 0x77DD0000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll
0x77F10000 - 0x77F56000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\GDI32.dll
0x77F60000 - 0x77FD6000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHLWAPI.dll
0x77DD0000 - 0x77E6B000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ADVAPI32.dll
0x77E70000 - 0x77F01000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\RPCRT4.dll
0x77760000 - 0x778CC000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHDOCVW.dll
0x77A80000 - 0x77B14000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\CRYPT32.dll
0x77B20000 - 0x77B32000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSASN1.dll
0x754D0000 - 0x75550000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\CRYPTUI.dll
0x76C30000 - 0x76C5E000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINTRUST.dll
0x76C90000 - 0x76CB8000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\IMAGEHLP.dll
0x77120000 - 0x771AC000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\OLEAUT32.dll
0x774E0000 - 0x7761D000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ole32.dll
0x5B860000 - 0x5B8B4000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\NETAPI32.dll
0x771B0000 - 0x77256000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WININET.dll
0x76F60000 - 0x76F8C000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WLDAP32.dll
0x77C00000 - 0x77C08000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\VERSION.dll
0x76390000 - 0x763AD000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\IMM32.DLL
0x629C0000 - 0x629C9000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\LPK.DLL
0x74D90000 - 0x74DFB000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\USP10.dll
0x773D0000 - 0x774D2000    C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.2180_x-ww_a84f1ff9\comctl32.dll
0x7C9C0000 - 0x7D1D4000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll
0x5D090000 - 0x5D127000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\comctl32.dll
0x5AD70000 - 0x5ADA8000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\uxtheme.dll
0x74720000 - 0x7476B000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCTF.dll
0x75F80000 - 0x7607D000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\BROWSEUI.dll
0x20000000 - 0x20012000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\browselc.dll
0x77B40000 - 0x77B62000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\appHelp.dll
0x76FD0000 - 0x7704F000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\CLBCATQ.DLL
0x77050000 - 0x77115000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\COMRes.dll
0x755C0000 - 0x755EE000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msctfime.ime
0x77260000 - 0x772FE000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\urlmon.dll
0x77FE0000 - 0x77FF1000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Secur32.dll
0x77A20000 - 0x77A74000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\cscui.dll
0x76600000 - 0x7661D000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\CSCDLL.dll
0x77920000 - 0x77A13000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\SETUPAPI.dll
0x10000000 - 0x1000E000    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll
0x7C340000 - 0x7C396000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSVCR71.dll
0x011C0000 - 0x01202000    C:\Program Files\Telstra\Toolbar\bpumToolBand.dll
0x01220000 - 0x012DB000    C:\PROGRA~1\SPYBOT~1\SDHelper.dll
0x5EDD0000 - 0x5EDE7000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\olepro32.dll
0x013F0000 - 0x0140F000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\dla\tfswshx.dll
0x01410000 - 0x0141F000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\tfswapi.dll
0x01420000 - 0x0145B000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\dla\tfswcres.dll
0x014A0000 - 0x014D5000    C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\NavShExt.dll
0x7C120000 - 0x7C139000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ATL71.DLL
0x7C3A0000 - 0x7C41B000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSVCP71.dll
0x71AD0000 - 0x71AD9000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WSOCK32.dll
0x71AB0000 - 0x71AC7000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2_32.dll
0x71AA0000 - 0x71AA8000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2HELP.dll
0x6AF30000 - 0x6AF6D000    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccL30.dll
0x75E90000 - 0x75F40000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\SXS.DLL
0x01540000 - 0x015C8000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll
0x015D0000 - 0x01895000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\xpsp2res.dll
0x75CF0000 - 0x75D81000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mlang.dll
0x71A50000 - 0x71A8F000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mswsock.dll
0x662B0000 - 0x66308000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll
0x71A90000 - 0x71A98000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\wshtcpip.dll
0x7D4A0000 - 0x7D786000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtml.dll
0x746C0000 - 0x746E7000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msls31.dll
0x02240000 - 0x02506000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msi.dll
0x746F0000 - 0x7471A000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msimtf.dll
0x605D0000 - 0x605D9000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mslbui.dll
0x5C2C0000 - 0x5C300000    C:\WINDOWS\ime\sptip.dll
0x74C80000 - 0x74CAC000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\OLEACC.dll
0x76080000 - 0x760E5000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSVCP60.dll
0x01900000 - 0x01911000    C:\WINDOWS\IME\SPGRMR.DLL
0x02550000 - 0x025AB000    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\INK\SKCHUI.DLL
0x325C0000 - 0x325D2000    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\msohev.dll
0x02720000 - 0x02734000    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Script Blocking\scrauth.dll
0x02740000 - 0x02753000    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Script Blocking\ScrBlock.dll
0x6B180000 - 0x6B192000    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccVrTrst.dll
0x0FFD0000 - 0x0FFF8000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rsaenh.dll
0x769C0000 - 0x76A73000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\userenv.dll
0x75C50000 - 0x75CBE000    c:\windows\system32\jscript.dll
0x66E50000 - 0x66E90000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\iepeers.dll
0x73000000 - 0x73026000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV
0x76200000 - 0x76271000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mshtmled.dll
0x71B20000 - 0x71B32000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MPR.dll
0x75F60000 - 0x75F67000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\drprov.dll
0x71C10000 - 0x71C1E000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\ntlanman.dll
0x71CD0000 - 0x71CE7000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\NETUI0.dll
0x71C90000 - 0x71CD0000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\NETUI1.dll
0x71C80000 - 0x71C87000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\NETRAP.dll
0x71BF0000 - 0x71C03000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\SAMLIB.dll
0x75F70000 - 0x75F79000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\davclnt.dll
0x75970000 - 0x75A67000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSGINA.dll
0x76360000 - 0x76370000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINSTA.dll
0x74320000 - 0x7435D000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ODBC32.dll
0x763B0000 - 0x763F9000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\comdlg32.dll
0x03720000 - 0x03737000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\odbcint.dll
0x76B40000 - 0x76B6D000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINMM.dll
0x72D20000 - 0x72D29000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\wdmaud.drv
0x72D10000 - 0x72D18000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msacm32.drv
0x77BE0000 - 0x77BF5000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSACM32.dll
0x77BD0000 - 0x77BD7000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\midimap.dll
0x76EE0000 - 0x76F1C000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\RASAPI32.DLL
0x76E90000 - 0x76EA2000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rasman.dll
0x76EB0000 - 0x76EDF000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\TAPI32.dll
0x76E80000 - 0x76E8E000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rtutils.dll
0x77C70000 - 0x77C93000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msv1_0.dll
0x76D60000 - 0x76D79000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\iphlpapi.dll
0x722B0000 - 0x722B5000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\sensapi.dll
0x76F20000 - 0x76F47000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\DNSAPI.dll
0x76FC0000 - 0x76FC6000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rasadhlp.dll
0x5FF20000 - 0x5FF46000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSRATING.dll
0x5FF50000 - 0x5FF61000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\msratelc.dll
0x71D40000 - 0x71D5C000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\actxprxy.dll
0x04CF0000 - 0x04E97000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\macromed\flash\Flash.ocx
0x6D430000 - 0x6D43A000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ddrawex.dll
0x73760000 - 0x737A9000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\DDRAW.dll
0x73BC0000 - 0x73BC6000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\DCIMAN32.dll
0x6D440000 - 0x6D450000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\npjpi142_03.dll
0x6D310000 - 0x6D327000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jpiexp32.dll
0x76FB0000 - 0x76FB8000    C:\WINDOWS\System32\winrnr.dll
0x6D380000 - 0x6D398000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jpishare.dll
0x08000000 - 0x08138000    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.2_0\bin\client\jvm.dll
0x04840000 - 0x04847000    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.2_0\bin\hpi.dll
0x05420000 - 0x0542E000    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.2_0\bin\verify.dll
0x05430000 - 0x05449000    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.2_0\bin\java.dll
0x05470000 - 0x0547D000    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.2_0\bin\zip.dll
0x07E70000 - 0x07F7F000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\awt.dll
0x076F0000 - 0x07740000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\fontmanager.dll
0x73940000 - 0x73A10000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\D3DIM700.DLL
0x6D2F0000 - 0x6D304000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jpicom32.dll
0x092B0000 - 0x092BF000    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\net.dll
0x66880000 - 0x6688C000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\ImgUtil.dll
0x5E310000 - 0x5E31C000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\pngfilt.dll
0x59A60000 - 0x59B01000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\DBGHELP.dll
0x76BF0000 - 0x76BFB000    C:\WINDOWS\system32\PSAPI.DLL

Heap at VM Abort:
 def new generation   total 576K, used 36K [0x10010000, 0x100b0000, 0x10770000)
  eden space 512K,   7% used [0x10010000, 0x10019008, 0x10090000)
  from space 64K,   0% used [0x10090000, 0x10090090, 0x100a0000)
  to   space 64K,   0% used [0x100a0000, 0x100a0000, 0x100b0000)
 tenured generation   total 1408K, used 623K [0x10770000, 0x108d0000, 0x16010000)
   the space 1408K,  44% used [0x10770000, 0x1080bf90, 0x1080c000, 0x108d0000)
 compacting perm gen  total 4608K, used 4452K [0x16010000, 0x16490000, 0x1a010000)
   the space 4608K,  96% used [0x16010000, 0x164691f0, 0x16469200, 0x16490000)

Local Time = Sat Aug 13 15:26:14 2005
Elapsed Time = 54
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.2_03-b02 mixed mode)
Problem 2

Screen shots of preblems.

Screenshot 1:
This screenshot shows how large my thumbnails have become.

Screenshot 2:
This screenshot shows that "My Documents" is no longer shown in "My Computer.

Can someone please help me with these problems?

Thank you.

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